Cash flow 101

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FAQ #1- Is this activity legal?

FAQ #2- Is this a pyramid?

FAQ #3- How will I find people to talk to?

FAQ #4- How quickly can I expect to begin receiving cash?

FAQ #5- How do I know I won't lose my money?

FAQ #6- This sounds too good to be true. Is it?

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How Much Can You Receive?

You can receive Cash Flow at 4 different levels.
Our private members organization offers the following Pledge levels:

  • Cash Flow Level One ➭ $1,500
  • Cash Flow Level Two ➭ $3,500
  • Cash Flow Level Three ➭ $6,500
  • Cash Flow Level Four ➭ $9,500

We prefer to not use hype or to make any bold claims.
But when cash starts arriving to your door, it can be life-changing! It is possible to receive $20,000 - $80,000 or more each month!

YOUR success depends on your passion and your ability to share the program with others and to get the word out there.

Once you join, you will receive support and guidance as far as specific steps you can follow that have been proven to be successful.


This Is NOT Free To Become A Member...
The Pledge Levels Are Laid Out In Detail Below

➭ Level One: $1,500 + $100 Admin Fee = $1,600 Total To Join Level One ➭ Level Two: $3,500 + $200 Admin Fee = $3,700 Total To Join Level Two ➭ Level Three: $6,500 + $300 Admin Fee = $6,800 Total To Join Level Three ➭ Level Four: $9,500 + $400 Admin Fee = $9,900 Total To Join Level Four

All admin fees correspond to the level you Pledge at

These Bonuses Are Very Time Sensitive & You Can Only Take Advantage Of The
By Calling The Voicemail Hotline.

This is something you will NOT want to miss!

Pledge at the $3500 Level within 48 hours get Free Bonus UPGRADE To The $6500 Level

Pledge at the $6500 Level within 48 hours get Free Bonus UPGRADE To The $9500 Level

Pledge at the $9,500 Level and We Will Fully Qualify You At All Levels

By Pledging At The $9500 Level This Means You Will Be 100% Fully Qualified
At All 4 Levels and Never Give Away A 1Up Qualification Pledge At Any Level!

You Will Receive 100% Of Every Pledge, Starting With Your Very
First Pledge, At Every Level and Every Pledge Thereafter

This is HUGE & We Call This Our Full Qualification BONUS

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WARNING - Time is A Factor

You should realize there's a very large demand for this program,
and the Bonuses we're offering you are unprecedented.

With that being said, please understand that the
window of opportunity won't be open long.

All that's left is for you to simply Take Action and Do It.

Don't you owe it to yourself and your family to take full advantage of this very time limited offer right now, before it's too late? You must act right now! Today in fact!

There's no way we can hold this offer for you indefinitely.
Therefore, the 48 Hour Action Taker Bonuses
will expire after the 48-hour period is up.

So don't wait a second more and risk losing out -
Take Action Right Now!

Don't let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass you by...

The sooner you become a member, the faster YOU will start
receiving Cash Pledges like the ones you just learned about!

"Another $9,500 cash pledge delivered to my front door by private courier!"

Your Last And Final Step Is To Call The Voicemail Hotline Below And Talk To A Team Leader.

**Please DO NOT Call The Voicemail Hotline Until After You Have Watched
All Of The Videos On This Page In Their Entirety Or Your Assigned Team
Leader Will End The Call And Instruct You To Call Back When You Have*

They're Not Trying To Be Rude, But Let's Be Honest, 99% Of Your Questions
Have Already Been Answered IF You Have Watched All Of The Videos Above.


Be Sure To Ask The Team Leader You Connect With To Explain The

48 Hour ACTION TAKER BONUSES To You, Remember,

These Bonuses Are Very Time Sensitive & They Are HUGE!